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African loot May 16, 2010

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Here are the goods Joe came back with from Africa:

Some masks:




Five days October 14, 2009

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Five days till I am home.  Five!  And I couldn’t be more excited.  Things I plan on doing just because you can in America.

* Go shopping on Sunday for no reason at all.  

* Order refills on soda at a restaurant.

* Go to a movie that was just released.

* Drive under 80 mph on the highway.  Not looking forward to this one.

* Buying clothes in dollars, although Zara is totally worth the exchange rate.

* Eat mexican food, buffalo wild wings, mondo’s, bruegger’s, etc.  And if I were in Chicago – Cafe Babareeba, Rockit, Star of Siam, Go Roma, Shaw’s, etc.

* Catch up on shows courtesy of Hulu.com.  This may take days.

* Go shopping at a mall.

Only five days till bliss.


Found it! October 9, 2009

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Have you ever lost an item that was significant to you?  Or maybe an item that wasn’t so significant in price but was something you loved?  I have lost two pieces of jewelry in my life that I never found back.  One was a pair of diamond hoop earrings my mom gave me for high school graduation, which have since been replaced.  The other was this red necklace I purchased at Nordstroms several years ago:


This picture is at least 6 years old and my natural hair color!  

For the past several months I have been searching for something similiar, often finding ones that are either way too expensive – $250! or not the right shade of red/orange.  But today, I found one thanks to Target of all places.  It cost about the same price ($14.99) as the original and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  



Handbag August 26, 2009

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Every six months or so I get the itch.  The itch to buy a new handbag.  Whenever I whine to my husband about needing a new purse he immediately runs to the closet and grabs all of my bags and asks “Do you really need ANOTHER purse?”  Yes.  Yes, I do.  I am currently looking at these three:


* Gryson


* Botkier



I’m leaning towards the DKNY.  Now if I could only convince my husband I bought it years ago.