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Hawaii – Pearl Harbor June 25, 2011

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I just realized I never posted pictures from our trip to Hawaii back in January.  So here they are!

We spent almost two weeks in Hawaii back in January because momma bear was finally getting married to Karl.  Most of our trip was spent on Oahu.  There we got to hang out with my family, which was awesome as I don’t think we had all been on vacation together since I was 15.  One of the days we spent Pearl Harbor with my brothers.  Tony and Andrew thought it was the coolest thing ever.   Also – No sighting of Ben Affleck or Josh Harnett.  boo…

Oil still comes out of the USS Arizona after all these years.


Heat Wave July 10, 2010

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In Germany we are currently experiencing a heat wave – a good 95 degrees.  That may not sound horrible but when you factor in no air conditioning you can understand our pain.  While we complain and put ice cubes down our pants, the ladies whine to be let outside so they can bask in the sun.

After six weeks of owning Pen Pen she has officially doubled in size.  The ferocious beast is now a whopping 11 pounds.  We were worried she would never grow but when we came back from Prague/Munich she had put on three pounds!  And ys, people still laugh when we walk them down the street together but they are the best of friends.


Penny May 25, 2010

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We are happy to announce we have a new member of the family.

We had been looking at some puppies for the past year but none were what we wanted.  Plus, we were waiting for Lucy to become better behaved.  I didn’t think we would actually get one but the second I saw this little nugget walk out into the hallway I had to have her.  She is the biggest cuddle bug and weighs all of 7 pounds.   And don’t worry, Lucy and her are buddies already.  The second Lucy lays down, nugget trots right over to her and tries to cuddle or starts pouncing.  She’s pretty darn cute.  If only I had a video camera to show you.


She loves her daddy April 22, 2010

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I found this picture on the camera today…

Looks like Joe got bored one day and decided to torture the dog.


Houdini February 10, 2010

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While Joseph flutters about in the States eating Carlos and BW3’s (I’m bitter), I am home taking care of the mini-horse.  Today I came home to a surprise courtesy of Lucy – she was out of her kennel.  This may not sound all that impressive but it is when you consider we use a padlock on it so she isn’t able to lick it open, it’s a little impressive.  Somehow Houdini got that stupid thing open and when I came home she knew she was in trouble when she walked down those stairs with her head down.  Luckily, all that was damaged was our new rug.  She tore a tiny bit of it apart.  At least this time she didn’t go for the shoes!  Because if that had been the case, we would no longer have a dog.  


Snow December 20, 2009

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This post is to let my dad know I am alive and well.  He was worried something was wrong with me since I hadn’t been writing anything on the blog.  Joe has been gone most of this month and  because of that, I have been busy.  Well, here is a post for you dad.  Lucy playing in the snow with her boyfriend.

The next posts will deal with our trip to London and Joe’s recent TDY to Israel.


Three some November 10, 2009

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We had a visitor last night…




We are such suckers!