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Birkenstocks February 27, 2009

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Does your boyfriend/husband have a possession that drives you absolutely crazy that he refuses to get rid of?  Perhaps it’s an old recliner inherited from his grandfather.  Or Star Wars action figures still in the box.  Or a baby blanket, god forbid.  My husband’s possession is the dreaded Birkenstock sandals.  He has owned these babies since HIGH SCHOOL.    They have rips, tears and the tread is almost gone.  I have often tried to get him new ones but he doesn’t know his size, won’t try them on and is convinced they are suppose to be dark on the footbed.  Whenever he puts them on I cringe and ask him if he’s sure he wants to wear them.  They are so ugly, so smelly that it’s embarrassing for him to wear them in public, yet he refuses to get rid of them.  It is going to take some serious scheming on my part to make them go where they belong – in the trash.