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Athens June 25, 2011

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After spending three days in Mykonos, we got on the ferry to Athens.  Not just any ferry but a five hour ferry.  Had we known it would be such a long boat ride we would have paid for the flight.  Again, the tour operator picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel.  As we are driving to our hotel the tour operator says, “As you all know about the protests here in Greece, there are a lot of people camping out in the square.  They are peaceful and will not harm you.”  I looked at Joe with wide eyes a little worried we could be in the thick of it. Curious enough a few days after we left this happened:


Riots!  Our hotel was one block from where all of that went down.  Thankfully we had already left…

We only had one day to spend in Athens and at this point we were fairly wiped out, so we weren’t all gun ho to do things.  We went to the Acropolis and that was about it.  Athens isn’t a place I would feel the need to visit again.

Oh and in case you were wondering if there were a lot of tourists in Greece…

The answer is “yes, yes there are”.

We have decided next time we go we are doing Santorini and Corfu.  Can’t wait!


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