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Hawaii – Pearl Harbor June 25, 2011

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I just realized I never posted pictures from our trip to Hawaii back in January.  So here they are!

We spent almost two weeks in Hawaii back in January because momma bear was finally getting married to Karl.  Most of our trip was spent on Oahu.  There we got to hang out with my family, which was awesome as I don’t think we had all been on vacation together since I was 15.  One of the days we spent Pearl Harbor with my brothers.  Tony and Andrew thought it was the coolest thing ever.   Also – No sighting of Ben Affleck or Josh Harnett.  boo…

Oil still comes out of the USS Arizona after all these years.



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After spending three days in Mykonos, we got on the ferry to Athens.  Not just any ferry but a five hour ferry.  Had we known it would be such a long boat ride we would have paid for the flight.  Again, the tour operator picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel.  As we are driving to our hotel the tour operator says, “As you all know about the protests here in Greece, there are a lot of people camping out in the square.  They are peaceful and will not harm you.”  I looked at Joe with wide eyes a little worried we could be in the thick of it. Curious enough a few days after we left this happened:


Riots!  Our hotel was one block from where all of that went down.  Thankfully we had already left…

We only had one day to spend in Athens and at this point we were fairly wiped out, so we weren’t all gun ho to do things.  We went to the Acropolis and that was about it.  Athens isn’t a place I would feel the need to visit again.

Oh and in case you were wondering if there were a lot of tourists in Greece…

The answer is “yes, yes there are”.

We have decided next time we go we are doing Santorini and Corfu.  Can’t wait!



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After three days in Santorini we boarded a ferry to Mykonos.  The ferry was decent and the ride only took about 3 hours.  Once there we were dropped off at our hotel – Hotel Dorion.  The hotel itself was nice, however, our room was awful.  The bathroom had pipe problems and there was constantly water on the floor.  We realized once we got to Mykonos that there wasn’t much to do except go to the beaches.  We spent most of our time on the beach, at our pool or driving around the island on an ATV.  Mykonos was not our favorite stop on the trip,  Santorini was, but if you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation Mykonos is a good place for that.

The ATV we rented was only 50 CCs and barely made it up hills.  At one point I had to get off and push the thing because it stopped.  Kind of a bummer but still fun to drive around the island.



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Greece was at the top of our list of places to see while we lived in Germany, however, it took us over two years to make it there.  I found a great trip online through VirginVacations and booked the Santorini, Mykonos, Athens package.  The best part about the package is that they met you at every stop and got you to your destination.  Once at your destination they left you alone until your departure.

Our first stop was Kamari, Santorini.  What was great about not staying in Fira or Oia was that there were less tourists and it was more relaxing.  We stayed at the Aegean Plaza and it was was fantastic with three pools, a bar and free internet.

Joe drinking some beer outside our room:

Unbeknownst to us was Santorini is know for its white wine.  Joe was a little skeptical but one of our favorite things we did on the trip was the private winery tour.  It was a bit pricey but we had a lot of fun and the guide only allows 8 people per tour.   We visited four wineries and sampled a lot of wine.  The group we were with were a lot of fun and one couple actually owned a vineyard in Sonoma.

At the conclusion of our winery tour we stopped in Fira, the main “city” on the island.  Fira had some wonderful shopping and food but it was packed.

The next day we decided to rent an ATV and drive around the entire island.  It was the most fun we had the entire trip.

The next day we were off to Mykonos.