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Around Scotland May 15, 2011

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May 10, 2011

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This past weekend we spent four days in Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh for the most part, and it was great.  The trip started off rocky due to me not having my SOFA stamp passport and the border patrol guy basically cussing us out for being American.  When we arrived in Edinburgh my bag wasn’t there so needless to say, our trip was off to a great start!  After being notified of my no show bag, we were off to the car rental place.  It was my first time driving on the right hand side of the car and the left hand side of the road. As I edged myself out of the parking lot at a snails pace I saw a car coming from the opposite direction.  I screamed, “Oh my gawd, it’s going to hit us!”  Then I remembered where I was driving and calmed down.  At first I was driving way below the speed limit because the limits are in miles per hour.  Joe and I argued about this for at least a day before I was proven right that the speeds were indeed in miles.  70 km seemed a little slow for the highway!

The first day in Scotland was uneventful.  We met Mom and Karl for some drinks and a lite bite and then they were off before you knew it.  We walked down to Buchanan Street so I could see where all of the shopping was for the next day.  Then we crashed in the hotel room and watched UK TV, which is always entertaining.  Did you know they have a show on MTV there called The Geordie Shore?  There’s even a little Snooki look a like.  Kind of amusing considering while we were watching the preview we kept saying, “These people look like they belong on the Jersey Shore”.

The next day we drove the 30 minutes to The Cameron House where Mom and Karl were staying on Loch Lomond.  Look the hotel up.  It’s gorgeous!

* The Cameron House

*Loch Lomond from The Cameron House

Saturday we headed out to Stirling Castle and then back to Glasgow to do some serious shopping.  If you haven’t been to the UK you should go for the shopping.  The shoe stores alone are amazing.

Sunday we spent breakfast with mom for Mother’s Day which was nice.  Then it was off to Edinburgh to see what it had to offer.  As I was just about to pull up to our hotel Joe yelled, “Holly Sh*t!”  I didn’t see what caused him to say this until we parked the car.  This was the sight from our hotel:

Right next to our hotel was Edinburgh Castle!  We trekked it on up there for the afternoon and spent the rest of the day walking around.

That is all for today.  Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to post some more pictures.