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Istanbul – Topkapi Palace and Bosphorus Cruise February 27, 2011

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Topkapi Palace is located behind the Hagia Sophia.  The Palace was the Ottoman Sultan’s residence until 1856.

Topkapi Palace was ok.  It wasn’t our favorite sight in Istanbul.  There were buildings that housed a lot of weapons but we didn’t really spend too much time in there nor did we take pictures.  The weather may have also contributed to us not being happy at the place since it was cold and rainy.

The other thing we did on the cold and rainy day was take a Bosphorus Cruise.  We honestly could have skipped this because the cruise consists of seeing a couple of palaces from the water and a bunch of run down houses.  The cruise would have been better in the Spring or Summer months.

Once we were done with the cruise and Topkapi Palace it was around 2 in the afternoon with nothing to do.  We sat our butts down at a cafe for a good 4 hours.  We drank, ate, played video games on Joe’s phone and read.  It was probably the best thing we did the entire trip.  If only I had pictures of the American college girls who sat behind us and entertained us with their conversation for an hour.


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