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Istanbul – Blue Mosque and Basilica Cistern February 27, 2011

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Despite visiting Istanbul in February we were able to enjoy nice weather three of the four days we were there.  We walked around with no set agenda for most of the trip and had a great time.  The Turkish people were very nice but always trying to sell you something, which I found amusing.  I have also never seen so many rug shops in my life.  On our little street by the hotel there were at least five to ten shops selling just rugs.  Unfortunately, we did not come home with one despite one shop owner’s great price of $450 for a vintage kilim – he started out at $1250.  The only souvenirs we came home with were a magnet, two wallets, a purse and two amazing chocolate souffles in my belly.

The Blue Mosque from our hotel rooftop

Inside the Blue Mosque

Basilica Cistern – which was right across the street from the Hagia Sofia.  Had we not been searching for an ATM we probably wouldn’t have seen the door to the entrance.

The upside down Medusa head used from another building



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