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Rhine River Cruise August 10, 2010

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Before Dad and Dixie arrived I had their entire trip planned out.  We were going to do some USO tours and visit Berlin and Paris.  One of the USO tours I signed us up for was the Rhine river cruise.  After a brutally long day on another USO tour, we woke up early to make it to this tour only to sit and wait two hours for a tour guide who never showed up.  Prior to the trip I was told you could just go and get on a cruise so we decided to do just that.  Lucky for us the weather held up and we were able to enjoy the ride.


One Response to “Rhine River Cruise”

  1. Jean Keller Says:

    Loved the picture of your dad enjoying a cocktail on the Rhine River!! It looks beautiful there although it appears to have been a cloudy day. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to access this anymore from my work computer, so I found the address so I could look up your blog.

    I’m sure your dad and Dixie told you that Angie finally got the restaurant opened up. Things have been going well so far with it. Otherwise not much else going on here. Jerry had rotator cuff surgery a couple of weeks ago, so he hasn’t been able to golf which makes him quite cranky!!

    Stopped at Andrea and Will’s new place last weekend. I had Jenna with me so her and JD played together. Will wants to golf with me so bad, I really don’t know why, so I think they are planning on coming up this way this weekend.

    I had a meeting in Ames on Tuesday the 10th and that night it rained 5 1/2 inches of rain. I was staying at the Fairfield Inn out by I-35 and the meeting was being held at the Gateway Center and I was unable to drive on Highway 30 to get there because it was all under water. I tried to maneuver a different route, by Hilton, but it too was under water, so I decided I better just drive home to safety!!

    Well Jerry is wanting to close up to store, so I need to get off your blog.

    Take care to both of you,

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