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Open Floor Plan July 26, 2010

Filed under: Decorating — leanbean @ 8:44 am

One of the things we look forward to doing when we get back is buying a home.  We have a list of wants/needs and right at the top of the list is an open floor plan.  Our current house is an open floor plan and it works great for us.  In fact, if we could build a house similar to this one we would be happy campers.  As I stated before, for fun we look at houses for sale in the cities we know are possibilities for us to move to.  While spending hours  searching through the Little Rock MLS for fun we ran across ONE newer house with an open floor plan.  One.   Can’t they just open an Air Force base elsewhere?  I hear Minnesota is lovely.  Pretty please?

Sources: SeanJohn, Amoroso Design, Angie Hranowsky, House Beautiful, Sherrill Canet


One Response to “Open Floor Plan”

  1. Mom Says:

    I LOVE these rooms!!

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