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Vase June 6, 2010

Filed under: Decorating,Traveling — leanbean @ 10:15 am

The biggest thing I was excited about going to Marrakech was finding some goods for the house.  We went to the souks several days and only came back with one thing.  This vase:

The picture’s coloring is off.  It’s a more purple blue color than primary blue.  When I saw the vase, it was stashed in the corner covered in dirt among hundreds of others.  We asked the guy to take it down from the shelf and he turned it over and tons of dirt fell out.  Obviously it had been there for awhile.  Joe asked him how much he wanted and he told us in the area of $90!  The guy wasn’t budging much and I told Joe to forget it but he wanted to see how low he could get the guy down.  The vase ended up costing us around $30 and is the only souvenir from our trip.  I tried my darnest to find some pillows and rugs but most of the stuff I found had red in it, which would obviously not work in our house.  All in all, I’m happy we were able to find something to go in our house.


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