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Strasbourg June 18, 2010

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Last minute we decided to take a day trip to Strasbourg, France in the Alsace region.  We didn’t spend a lot of time there due to the traffic getting there.  Word of advice, do not drive most of the trip through Germany and then hop over the border.  Drive most of it through France because it will take half the time.  We walked around and ate some food and then called it a day.  There wasn’t a ton to see but it was a very picturesque town.


Ikea Hack June 15, 2010

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Found this in the March Issue of InStyle when I was going through some old magazines:

They took a $40 dresser from Ikea and made it look like that!  I told Joe we should try it just for fun.  Then he politely reminded me that we do not have a garage nor a driveway, so where would we paint the thing?  I don’t see why we can’t just paint it half a block up in the school parking lot.  No one would steal it because we live in Germany and crime is practically non-existent.  True story – Joe left the back of his truck open over night and nothing was missing.  He has also left the keys in the door before and they’re always there in the morning.  So I’m thinking a little dresser would stay put even in a school parking lot.


Reason 7,694… June 14, 2010

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…as to why I hate the military.  Has your husband’s approved leave ever been taken away?  Joe’s was taken away this week, partly due to him not keep track of his shit and we have now forfeited $600 that we shelled out to go here:

We were suppose to spend our three day weekend in Istanbul.  Instead, I will be spending it with these monsters:


Orange June 13, 2010

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While perusing for a long dining room table, we stumbled upon some lacquered boxes for 10 euros a piece.

I’m thinking this picture from this month’s Lonny may have convinced me to get an orange box.

Maybe some orange pillows are in order…


Raspberry June 12, 2010

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Everyone remembers this photo from Domino featuring Ruthie Sommers:

I found some cheap fabric on ebay with the same colors and asked my mother in law to make some pillows for us.  Unfortunately this occured:

Kind of reminds me of when I tried to fit into my pants after gorging myself for 8 months while living in Germany.  Wasn’t going to happen!  Word of advice – measure the pillow covers without a cushion in them because you will be several inches off!

Thank you so much Sue for making the pillows.  Now all we need are some small cushions to fit inside.


New Shelves June 11, 2010

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The ugly treadmill is no longer an eye sore in the living room because we sold the thing, in no joke, 5 minutes after posting it on Ramsteinyardsales.  People buy everything on Ramsteinyardsales here.  It’s ridiculous.

The living room with the ugly treadmill:

After with some Ikea LACK bookshelves and West Elm pillows:

Obviously we need to buy some stuff to fill the bookshelves but I’m ok with that 😉


Meredith Pardue June 6, 2010

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The wall in the kitchen has been bare ever since our kitchen re-do almost a year ago.  The old rule “You don’t need something on every wall” doesn’t apply to our house.  We have something on almost every wall, mostly because we have that much stuff.  For months, the search has been on to find something to put on the wall.  I recently became aware of artist Meredith Pardue’s work.  Needless to say I am OBSESSED.  However, it’s obviously out of our budget.  A girl can dream, right?