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West Elm Pebble Rug May 25, 2010

Filed under: Decorating — leanbean @ 6:54 pm

After Lucy destroyed our cheap purple rug we got in Germany, I was hell bent on getting a new rug before Joe’s family came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  We settled on the West Elm Pebble Rug after the sales girl told us she had it in her house and “loved it”.  Needless to say, the rug didn’t hold up so well when battling with a 120 pound dog.  Here is how the rug should look:

And this is what ours looks like less than 7 months later:

My biggest complaint isn’t the areas where Lucy chewed the “pebbles” right out of the rug, but instead, it’s the wool tumbleweeds that have exploded all over the house.  Wool balls are everywhere and never seem to go away, no matter how often I pick them up.

We can’t decide if we should get a new rug, especially since we got a new dog, but I did do a mock up of how a different West Elm rug would look.  Obviously we don’t want to spend a lot of money, which is why West Elm is the go to for us.  Problem is, I keep seeing this rug everywhere on blogs, so I’m not so sure I want it.  Plus it’s A LOT of brown for one room.  If only I could find a non ugly/expensive/small rug in Germany…


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