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Chair May 17, 2010

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The biggest mistake I made furniture buying wise was the red chair from Room and Board.  Not only do we have nothing red in our house except the chair, but my husband insists on using it as his gaming chair in our bedroom.  Does anyone come over and actually see this chair?  No, but it still bothers me that we have this chair that is an eyesore.  Whenever I want to convince the hubby that we NEED some decorating done I make a presentation and ask for his input.    Here are the options for today:

I’m leaning towards a couple more than the others.  Joe stated he would like something that is less than 50% white, which I understand.  He tends to eat, therefore spill, wherever he pleases.  Hopefully, the upholsterer isn’t crazy expensive or this project will be over before it even starts.

Fabric sources:

1, 4 & 5: Lee Jofa

2 & 3: Romo Fabrics

6 & 7: Duralee


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