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It’s finally here May 27, 2010

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Our vacation is finally here!  I am so ready to get out of dreary, rainy Germany and into the desert of Morocco.  It’s going to be hot where we’re going!  Now if only we were packed…

I suppose missing the Sex and the City 2 opening weekend to travel to where they shot part of the film is kind of cool.


Jen An for Cheap(er)

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When the Architectural Digest with Jennifer Aniston on the cover came out I begged my mom to send me the issue.  I absolutely loved her place but read on several blogs how much they hated it.  I read a lot “It’s so masculine!”  I love the dark wood, stone walls and plum velvet chairs.  Here’s her place imagined with budget pieces:

Whenever Joe and I discuss buying/building a house, the first thing I tell him is an absolute must is dark wood herringbone floors in the kitchen/living room.  Then he asks me “What are herringbone floors?”


Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids; Artwork: Z-Gallerie; Wood Floors: LV Flooring; Couch: William Sonoma Home; Rug: and Lamp: Crate and Barrel; Chair and Bookshelf: Room & Board; Coffee Table: Plantation Home


West Elm Pebble Rug May 25, 2010

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After Lucy destroyed our cheap purple rug we got in Germany, I was hell bent on getting a new rug before Joe’s family came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  We settled on the West Elm Pebble Rug after the sales girl told us she had it in her house and “loved it”.  Needless to say, the rug didn’t hold up so well when battling with a 120 pound dog.  Here is how the rug should look:

And this is what ours looks like less than 7 months later:

My biggest complaint isn’t the areas where Lucy chewed the “pebbles” right out of the rug, but instead, it’s the wool tumbleweeds that have exploded all over the house.  Wool balls are everywhere and never seem to go away, no matter how often I pick them up.

We can’t decide if we should get a new rug, especially since we got a new dog, but I did do a mock up of how a different West Elm rug would look.  Obviously we don’t want to spend a lot of money, which is why West Elm is the go to for us.  Problem is, I keep seeing this rug everywhere on blogs, so I’m not so sure I want it.  Plus it’s A LOT of brown for one room.  If only I could find a non ugly/expensive/small rug in Germany…


Vivienne Westwood Rug

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Sometimes, when I’m bored, I’ll make mock ups of things I would like to see in our house.  There’s a rug at The Rug Company I have loved for a while now – to the point where I contacted them asking how much it was (way too much).  It’s the Magnolia Vivienne Westwood rug and it’s so girly yet not over the top that I love it.  Joe loves green so I threw a green chair in for good measure.  I don’t love the green pillows but those could always be changed.

Rug – The Rug Company

Pillows – Etsy

Colorful Painting – 1st Dibs

Face Painting – Sylvia Schuster

Lamp – Circa Lighting

Chair – Anthropologie

Curtains – Restoration Hardware



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We are happy to announce we have a new member of the family.

We had been looking at some puppies for the past year but none were what we wanted.  Plus, we were waiting for Lucy to become better behaved.  I didn’t think we would actually get one but the second I saw this little nugget walk out into the hallway I had to have her.  She is the biggest cuddle bug and weighs all of 7 pounds.   And don’t worry, Lucy and her are buddies already.  The second Lucy lays down, nugget trots right over to her and tries to cuddle or starts pouncing.  She’s pretty darn cute.  If only I had a video camera to show you.


Chair May 17, 2010

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The biggest mistake I made furniture buying wise was the red chair from Room and Board.  Not only do we have nothing red in our house except the chair, but my husband insists on using it as his gaming chair in our bedroom.  Does anyone come over and actually see this chair?  No, but it still bothers me that we have this chair that is an eyesore.  Whenever I want to convince the hubby that we NEED some decorating done I make a presentation and ask for his input.    Here are the options for today:

I’m leaning towards a couple more than the others.  Joe stated he would like something that is less than 50% white, which I understand.  He tends to eat, therefore spill, wherever he pleases.  Hopefully, the upholsterer isn’t crazy expensive or this project will be over before it even starts.

Fabric sources:

1, 4 & 5: Lee Jofa

2 & 3: Romo Fabrics

6 & 7: Duralee


African loot May 16, 2010

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Here are the goods Joe came back with from Africa:

Some masks: