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Nuremberg April 22, 2010

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Every now and again Joe has to drive four hours to work one hour a day for a week.  He stands out in a field with a walkie talkie telling the airplanes when they can drop stuff to the ground.  This place is effectively called “the drop zone”.  After several TDYs where I complained about having to watch the dog while he was gone, he decided to take the beast with him.  Lucy was living the high life – running out in an open field, chasing balls and picking up large sticks.  While they were there, they ventured off to Nuremberg, the place famous for the Nuremberg trials where Nazis were convicted of their crimes.


The beast and her kingdom:


She loves her daddy

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I found this picture on the camera today…

Looks like Joe got bored one day and decided to torture the dog.


Paris part deux April 13, 2010

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Joe and I ended up having a three day weekend and decided to head off to Paris.  We did the things we didn’t get to do the first time – go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visit Versailles, go to Chanel.  The best part of the whole trip came in the form of Mickey, Aerosmith and Rollercoasters – we went to Euro Disney!  People said things like, “it’s not fun when you’re old” or “you need to take kids to enjoy it” but we had a blast!  It could be because the last time I went I was eight and don’t really remember anything except the It’s a Small World ride.

Here are the pictures:

From the time to buying a ticket to getting to the top of the Eiffel tower it took over two and a half hours.  The first elevator takes you to the second viewing deck.  Once on the second deck, you stand in line to get to the top which took an additional 45 minutes.  At the top Joe convinced me it was a good idea to spend 20 euro on champagne because as he stated “when else will we be at the top of the Eiffel tower”.

We didn’t go in to Versailles because we were kind of tired and the line was long.  After waiting so long for the Eiffel tower, we didn’t feel like waiting to walk into a couple of rooms.

Just some randoms:

Someone passed out on the train:


Next place April 4, 2010

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For weeks Joe and I went back and forth about what to do for Memorial Day weekend.  First we wanted to go to Greece.  Then we changed our minds and wanted to go to Dubai.  Going to Dubai was nixed when the Fleethams let us know it would be way too hot to enjoy the place.  Next I tried to convince Joe a vacation to the Maldives would be amazing but the price tag got in the way.  Our inability to make a decision was driving us nuts.  Finally, I decided somewhere Joe had never heard of.

Can you take a guess?

Some pics from Flickr.



We’re going to Marrakesh, Morocco and we can’t wait!  We even paid the extra 30 euros to check a bag on Ryanair in hopes to bring back some goods.  He’s hoping to finding some good stuff!