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Neuschwanstein March 17, 2010

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Before we came to Germany, Joe and I wrote down a list of places we would like to visit.  One of the things on the top of my list was Neuschwanstein Castle.  Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a “love letter” to the composer Richard Wagner.  It is rumored Walt Disney modeled the Cinderella Castle after Neuschwanstein.  This past Sunday we trekked it out to the middle of nowhere to visit the castle.

We got to the castle and were informed the next available tour wouldn’t be starting for an hour and a half.  We wasted time taking some pictures and eating hotdogs and donuts at the cafe.  Eventually, we walked up the hill to the castle, excited to see the inside.  The tour lasted about 30 minutes (max.) and consisted of about ten rooms.  The castle’s room were impressive but I was hoping to see more of the large castle.  Unfortunately, King Ludwig died mysteriously before the castle was finished and a lot of the rooms are incomplete.  I will say this castle was by far the nicest one we have seen in Germany, but it is also the newest.  The drive itself was not too far from Munich and we were able to locate a random McDonald’s for breakfast (score!).  Once the tour was over, we hightailed it out of there for the four hour drive home and our brief trip to Bavaria was over.

And a pretty picture from Wikipedia:


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