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Audi Plant Tour March 16, 2010

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Last Friday on our way to Munich, we stopped by the Audi Plant to get our free tour for purchasing a new car.  The tour lasted about two hours and included the assembly line for the Audi A3.  It was pretty cool seeing them stamp the metal into shape and watch them install all sorts of things.  There were three things we joked about.  1) The robots or as the tour guide called them “rabats”, reminded us of Transformers.  I was waiting for them to come alive because they were huge and kind of scary.  2) Our tour was us, one other guy and four Japanese business men.  We joked they were from Toyota because one of the guys had a little notebook and asked a million questions.  Often the tour guide would say something and they would all look at each other as if they had heard something they were going to use wherever they worked.  3) The workers looked miserable.   It was definitely not Disneyland…

All in all, Joe and I had a blast and would definitely recommend it.  Pictures were not allowed to be taken during the tour but we did manage to take some around the complex.

Our car in front of the Audi Plant in Ingolstadt

A green car Joe fell in love with despite it being Ninja Turtle green…

Some old cars at the museum

A concept car of the Q7 from 2003


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