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Houdini February 10, 2010

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While Joseph flutters about in the States eating Carlos and BW3’s (I’m bitter), I am home taking care of the mini-horse.  Today I came home to a surprise courtesy of Lucy – she was out of her kennel.  This may not sound all that impressive but it is when you consider we use a padlock on it so she isn’t able to lick it open, it’s a little impressive.  Somehow Houdini got that stupid thing open and when I came home she knew she was in trouble when she walked down those stairs with her head down.  Luckily, all that was damaged was our new rug.  She tore a tiny bit of it apart.  At least this time she didn’t go for the shoes!  Because if that had been the case, we would no longer have a dog.  


One Response to “Houdini”

  1. Mom Says:

    Great job Lucy!!!! Keep her on her toes!!

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