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Shoe rack February 20, 2010

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Here it is K-dawg, the shoe rack, courtesy of Ikea Billy Bookshelves:

The whole thing cost 88 euro (38 for the bookshelf and 30 for the shoe stoppers) and it took less than an hour to assemble.

After it was set up Joe asked, “Does this mean you won’t have ten pairs of shoes by the door anymore?”  So far so good.

And FYI – Those are NOT my Birkenstocks.  Joe likes to make sure he leaves his mark on everything that is mine.


Two cakes! February 16, 2010

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This morning this was waiting for me:

I’ve only been working at my new job for two weeks and on my birthday my new coworkers brought in two cakes.  They sure know how to make a girl feel welcome!


Houdini February 10, 2010

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While Joseph flutters about in the States eating Carlos and BW3’s (I’m bitter), I am home taking care of the mini-horse.  Today I came home to a surprise courtesy of Lucy – she was out of her kennel.  This may not sound all that impressive but it is when you consider we use a padlock on it so she isn’t able to lick it open, it’s a little impressive.  Somehow Houdini got that stupid thing open and when I came home she knew she was in trouble when she walked down those stairs with her head down.  Luckily, all that was damaged was our new rug.  She tore a tiny bit of it apart.  At least this time she didn’t go for the shoes!  Because if that had been the case, we would no longer have a dog.