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Israel January 5, 2010

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Recently, Joe had the priviledge of going to Israel for a mission.  Today is his birthday and right now he is flying, so there will not be any captions with these photos. All I remember him saying is, “below sea level” “saw a dude fall off a camel” “really salty” “legs straight in the air kicking as hard as he could”.

Joe floating in the Dead Sea

Joe did not enjoy the trip to Israel because they were not allowed to leave the base except for two day trips.  Despite his crankiness, he did come back with a better understanding of the card game cribbage…


One Response to “Israel”

  1. Jane Norstrom Says:

    Hi Lena. I hadn’t looked at your blog for a while. It’s really great! Please be sure to say “Happy Birthday” to Joe for me! I have been thinking about him all day, and remembering the day he was born. He is my first nephew, and it was very exciting to have him come into the world! I remember sitting at North Memorial Hospital for hours waiting for him to arrive. I sent him a birthday card, but it probably won’t get to him for a while. Also, Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Joe celebrated your one-year together! Take Care. Love, Jane

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