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Job January 27, 2010

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It finally happened!  After a year of applying, I finally landed a GS job here.  Which means NO MORE BANK!  And most importantly no more working Saturdays!  I start this Monday as a Budgetary Analyst, meaning I work with Joe’s squadron and we will more than likely be working in the same building.  We may get sick of each other…

Besides getting a good job, the best part about a GS job is once you’re in the system and work for them for a year, they are suppose to give you a job at your next base if you want one.  Meaning, if we end up in good ol’ Abilene, Texas  (please for the love of god, DO NOT SEND US THERE) I should be able to get a job at the same pay level.   I basically have Joe to thank for this job, as he heard from the guy who was hiring that it was available and he basically harassed the guy for four months until the job was posted.  I was almost to the point of giving up on this job and started applying for other finance jobs on base and wouldn’t you know I had two interviews on the same day, only to be offered both jobs.  While I am extremely thankful for Joe helping me get this job, I was happy to know I was able to get one on my own without any help.  When word spread around the bank people wanted some tips on how to get an interview.  I actually heard this from another wife who was successful, so I thought I would pass it along.

First and most importantly, your resume needs to be extremely detailed.  Forget everything they taught you in school.  A one page, concise resume is not going to work.  List every single little thing you did at your previous jobs.  Even if it was ordering office supplies, put it in there!  In the end, my resume ended up being four pages.

Second, use key words.  Find key words in the job posting and use them in your resume.  Since all of the resumes are key word searched this is crucial.

Third, make sure you apply correctly.  For several months I was not applying correctly and had no idea.  Make sure you attach all of the documents they require.  Then follow up on the site and make sure it says “completed” or you are basically wasting your time.

Fourth, try as hard as you can to find out who is doing the hiring.  If you find them, politely introduce yourself to them and let them know you are interested in the job.  You never know, it may lead to the job.

Last but not least, do not give up!  There were several times I wanted to give up and Joe kept pushing me to keep trying.  It will take a while, so be patient.


Israel January 5, 2010

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Recently, Joe had the priviledge of going to Israel for a mission.  Today is his birthday and right now he is flying, so there will not be any captions with these photos. All I remember him saying is, “below sea level” “saw a dude fall off a camel” “really salty” “legs straight in the air kicking as hard as he could”.

Joe floating in the Dead Sea

Joe did not enjoy the trip to Israel because they were not allowed to leave the base except for two day trips.  Despite his crankiness, he did come back with a better understanding of the card game cribbage…