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London Continued December 29, 2009

Filed under: Europe,Traveling — leanbean @ 7:50 pm

After seeing Zac Efron and the musical Wicked, we decided maybe we should do some sight seeing before Joe’s family arrived.  We saw Buckingham Palace:

We next went to the London Eye.  You could see it from Buckingham Palace but we learned from our Paris trip and took the subway there instead of mistakingly thinking we could walk everywhere. We did not ride in it because it was around lunch time and we were hungry.  Nothing stands in the way of me and food.  Nothing.  Plus the thing kind of freaked me out.

Next we walked over to the House of Parliment and Big Ben.

Last but not least we saw Tower Bridge.  Part of it was under construction so the pictures aren’t all that great.  And we did not walk across it because as you can see it was windy and cold.  My dumb ass only took a leather jacket.  This is the second time I went to London with a not warm enough coat.  If you visit London during the cold months take a warm jacket.  It’s cold and you will freeze your ass off.


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