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Beer December 23, 2009

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Joe dreads shopping unless it involves buying him clothes and then I dread it.  To appease him, he would go to the pubs while I shopped.  We ventured to the oldest bar in London – The Lamb & Flag.  

We didn’t take any pictures of the inside but it was OLD.  I couldn’t find any pictures of the interior online but it was definitely old.  We had a beer and ventured to another pub whose name escapes me.  We did manage to take some pictures of the place though.

Joe enjoying a beer that he said tasted “like ass”.

After drinking, Joe decided he just had to have fish & chips.  This coming from a man who doesn’t like fish because it has a “fishy smell”.  We went to a place called Rock and Sole that was pretty darn tasty.  The place was very small and we ended up having to sit outside but it was fine.  This way we were able to people watch in the really nice neighborhood of Covent Garden.

Our dinner:

Very tasty!  I would take the food in London over the food in K-town ANY DAY.


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