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My husband screamed his name December 22, 2009

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Before we left for London, Joe and I sat down and talked about what we wanted to do.  I wanted to go see a show and shop at Topshop.  He wanted to go to the London Museum.  Our first night there, we decided to see a show.  My friend Helen told me the best place to buy cheap theatre tickets in London was at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square.  Joe and I ventured there to get our tickets for Wicked, which by the way we bought at the wrong stand, and stumbled upon a film premiere.  And whose film premiere was it?  ZAC EFRON!  The Zac Efron who stars in one of my favorite movies ever, 17 Again.  Yes, I am lame.  (Thank you Sue for buying this for me!  I think i have watched it about 6 times since Thanksgiving)  

We had about two hours before Wicked started and I begged Joe to stay “just 15 minutes.  I promise!”  We got in the massive crowd of teeny boppers and pushed and shoved our way as far as we could.  I swear I was about to attack a 15 year old who was in tears proclaiming she was going to marry him and have his babies.  Um, not if I get there first chicky!  Once he arrived it became chaotic with everyone screaming and shoving, including my husband.  Amid the crowd of screaming girls, there is Joe with his deep voice screaming “Zac!” trying desperately to get me a good picture.  Thank god for marrying a tall man!  He is pretty cute in person, but a little too wee for my taste.  Never the less, I wouldn’t say “no” if the opportunity presented itself 🙂

Some blurry pictures:

And a good picture from the premiere I found online:

photo from JustJared.com


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