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The oven November 3, 2009

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When Joe and I came home we spoke about the oven here and its size.  Joe claimed our oven is about half the size of American ovens.  After a little digging on Sears.com & Lowes.com I found the standard size for an oven is around 30 inches, however I don’t know if that’s the inside of the oven or the size of the oven as a whole.  Our oven from side to side is 23 inches but the actual interior part of the oven is 17 inches wide.  It is so small our roasting pan and cookie sheets do not fit inside.  Luckily, I was able to find a roasting pan at Ikea that fits and hope has been restored for our Thanksgiving dinner, although we may have to make a chicken.   Just some pictures to show you how small it is and no I did not clean it before I took pictures 🙂 :



23 inches wide and our temperature cheat sheet:



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