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De plane! De plane! November 2, 2009

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A couple of days ago I ninja’d my way to the area where Joe’s plane is housed.  With my ninja skills I was able to take several pictures to share with you.  My “guide” (not Joe) let me know that it may not be OK for me to share these photos but if you search for his plane you will find all sorts of planes online, so I am hoping the Military Police won’t come after me.

The outside:



My first time inside the plane:




I will admit, the plane was way cooler inside than I imagined.  I am very proud of my pilot! 



One Response to “De plane! De plane!”

  1. Dad Says:

    Man that is a big plane. Tonight is 49 nights at Pioneer we could be here another 10 to 15 more nights, it will be good to get done and back to a normal life here. Take care of yourself love Dad.

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