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London Baby! November 17, 2009

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We’re going to London for a week and it’s going to be awesome weather!

Rain all week!  Not much different than Germany.  Gotta love Europe!


Guest Bedroom November 16, 2009

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We are finally finished, for now, with the guest bedroom.









Visitors are great for getting your husband to do things in a timely manner!


The Second Bedroom November 11, 2009

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We have two weeks to finish the guest/second bedroom before our first guests arrive in Germany.  Joe’s family are coming to visit and we are very excited! We are working quickly to make the changes to the house we have been talking about doing for months.  This past week we hung curtains and art work.  Thanks to Denzel the curtains only took an hour as opposed to six.  Apparently, there are these things called masonry drill bits that go right through concrete 🙂  Thanks dad!  Currently the second bedroom looks like this:


We are hoping it will end up looking like this:

2nd Bedroom

We have a week and a half to make this happen.  My biggest hope is the room gets painted.  The landlords didn’t paint and the walls are partially gray or possibly dirty.  At least there will be a bed for someone to sleep in.


Red Chair – Room and Board

Chicago Poster – Ork Posters

White dresser – Ikea

Zig Zag Rug – Madeline Weinrib

Duvet – Target

Lamp – Macy’s

Curtains – Pottery Barn


Three some November 10, 2009

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We had a visitor last night…




We are such suckers!



The DZ November 9, 2009

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Also known as the drop zone, where Joe will vanish for a week at a time.  Joe’s job at the drop zone is signaling the pilots when to drop their cargo to the ground.  Exciting, I know.  I wanted to share some of the pictures he took that I found on our camera.





And a tank?




Seen it in Europe November 6, 2009

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Today’s post is a walk around the neighborhood.  If these pictures are a little fuzzy blame Lucy and her inability to not move while I take pictures.

My favorite bi-colored house:



Other houses and such:









P90X November 5, 2009

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Today’s post was suppose to be about the inside of German grocery stores, however, I failed on my part to deliver the goods.  Joe and I are both swamped at work, which in turn means not getting home till late, only to cook dinner, walk the dog and pass out at an early hour.  The other thing that is sucking up my time?  



Tony got me hooked on this home fitness dvd set when we were home for Megan’s wedding.  There are thirteen DVDs and you are suppose to do six days on, one day off, for ninety days, which almost sounds impossible.  All I know is, Germany has not been kind to the waistline and it’s time to do something about it, even if that means listening to a guy who is as annoying as Ryan Seacrest.  I’m hoping to shed some poundage before I come back in January for Rachel’s wedding.  I guess that means no more chocolate croissants, Kit Kats and Cheetos.  It’s like taking away the only good things about Germany and who wants to do that?  Me…I guess…  *groan*

I could really go for some Happy Joe’s pizza right about now.