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Megan’s Wedding October 27, 2009

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The whole reason Joe and I traveled the 4500 miles home was for my cousin Megan’s wedding this past Saturday.  It was held in Iowa, on the night of the biggest Iowa game in years.  Instead of heading to the reception after the wedding my husband and brothers holed up in the hotel room and returned looking like this:



And the people who were dressed appropriately.




Favorite shot of the night:


Unfortunately, we didn’t take too many other pictures of our trip.  Oops!


One Response to “Megan’s Wedding”

  1. Dad Says:

    Nice pic’s of me Lena that last one was really bad but thank you for posting Grand ma and Grandpa and the boys. Well dear old dad is back here at Pioneer third shift beating his head aginst the wall and getting home and fixing the stuff Grandpa and Tony may have broken durning my sleep. Talk to you later have to go. Love you Dad

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