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Recycling October 13, 2009

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Here in Germany recycling is a part of everyday life.  When we got here it was hard adjusting to separating the trash but eventually it became second nature and now we don’t even think about it.  Every house in Germany has four trash cans – one for plastic (gelber), one for glass, one for paper and the other for everything else.  


The trash is not like in the states where it is picked up on the same day every week.  Instead, we have a calendar of when the different trash will be picked up, about twice a month for each.  These do not happen on the same day either, so you always have to be on your toes when it comes to the trash.  There have definitely been times when we forgot and didn’t have our trash sent out, so we were stuck for a month with the same trash.  Kind of gross but luckily we have bins outside we can put it in but once those are full, we’re kind of SOL.  The only trash we have any sort of control over when we get rid of it is the glass.  Around villages you will find these:


And that is the short lesson on recycling/trash in Germany.


P.S.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday dad.  I promise to have some stuff up all this week for ya!


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