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Amsterdam October 6, 2009

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Joe and I took a short spur of the moment trip to Amsterdam to see what all the fuss was about.  Our first stop was the Heineken brewery.  The tour was suppose to last 90 minutes but it took all of 20 minutes to go through the place before you reached your free beer.  I will say, there wasn’t much to see and we were sort of unimpressed but the beer tasted good after the five hour drive.



We walked around the city after our trip to the brewery.  Amsterdam has canals like venice but the walk ways are larger.  The best part about walking around town was people didn’t use curtains and you could look right into their houses.  




After walking through the crowds, we happened upon the red light district.  We didn’t take any pictures of this area because it was dark, raining and we were told not to take pictures of prostitutes.  All we can say is, we say one that looked pregnant…Besides the red light district, you could smell the scent of marijuana in the air when walking past the “coffee shops”.  I have never seen so many stoned college kids in my life!  Amsterdam’s red light district was definitely an experience that cannot be duplicated. 

The center area:






The best thing we saw/did in Amsterdam was go to the Anne Frank House.  The Anne Frank House is where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi’s during WWII from the EVIL GERMANS!  (Germans are still evil though 🙂 )  No pictures were allowed inside the museum, so unfortunately we don’t have any to share.  All we can say is, it is worth the visit if you are in Amsterdam.  

For us, Amsterdam was sort of disappointing.  Our hotel room was horrible, it had two twin beds in separate tiny rooms.  We have stayed in plenty of places in Europe and this place was by far the worst.  We both woke up with aching backs and the worst nights sleep in a long time.  Besides the hotel, finding food other than Argentine Steakhouses, Chinese or McDonald’s was difficult.  We may not have been looking in the right areas but it made our night miserable trying to find a place to eat in the rain.  If you are looking to get high and do unmentionable things with a prostitute then Amsterdam is your place but if you aren’t really into drugs or ugly women then it may not be your cup of tea.  When we got in our car and headed home we looked at each other, bid Amsterdam adios and vowed never to go back.


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  1. Jean Keller Says:

    Totally enjoyed your comments about Amsterdam!! I’ve had friends go there and think it was great; especially the coffee shops!! So now I have a better idea of what they were looking for!!

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