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Seen in Europe October 30, 2009

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For those of you who always ask about Lucy…



110 pounds of love.

And a big THANK YOU to Katie for pointing out my bras and spanx in the background.  Hehe. I didn’t even notice!

Coming next week: Joe’s plane, German ovens, a stroll around the neighborhood and German Grocery Stores.  Is there something you would like to see?  Leave it in the comments and we will try to make it happen!


New stuff for the house October 29, 2009

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Joe and I went on a little bit of a shopping spree while we were home and came back with some goods for the house.  Whenever I go to Minneapolis I hit up West Elm and always end up spending way too much money.  This trip concluded with buying a new rug for the living room and an elephant sculpture.  



After Lucy ruined the rug in the living room, we realized it had to be replaced.  And don’t worry, I won’t go into details as to how she ruined it.  

Another exciting addition to the house is this baby:



Thank you Younkers for forgetting to take the sale tag off!  We got a GREAT deal on it and just couldn’t pass it up.  I will admit, I am a little nervous to use it here because I am convinced it will blow up.  Here’s to hoping!

Another addition to the house are these two art prints:



Yes dad, that is a naked person.  We unfortunately had to un-frame them but luckily they will fit in Ikea frames.  

That is all the stuff we brought back from the States.  It’s probably good we don’t go home very often or we would be very poor.


The stools October 28, 2009

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Our stools are finished!  This has been a six month endeavor but I love the way they turned out.  If only I could ship them faster to Germany.






I think they actually look better in person.  Maybe the lighting in the garage wasn’t the best.

The stools were reupholstered at Mumford Upholstery in Iowa City on Highway 1.  They did a great job and were reasonably priced.


Megan’s Wedding October 27, 2009

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The whole reason Joe and I traveled the 4500 miles home was for my cousin Megan’s wedding this past Saturday.  It was held in Iowa, on the night of the biggest Iowa game in years.  Instead of heading to the reception after the wedding my husband and brothers holed up in the hotel room and returned looking like this:



And the people who were dressed appropriately.




Favorite shot of the night:


Unfortunately, we didn’t take too many other pictures of our trip.  Oops!


Home October 26, 2009

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We made it back to Germany, four large suitcases and all.  We were welcomed with the familiar smell of body odor and cigarette smoke.  I suppose it is better than the familiar smell of Chicago – urine and garbage.


Scene it in Europe October 16, 2009

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Super small car:




X-base stool

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Our stools are finally done.  We will be seeing the final product in less than a week.  We went with black ostrich faux leather.  I hope they look as good as I have pictured in my head.  Just thought I’d share some of my favorite x-base stools I have seen: