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Paris September 30, 2009

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In June we drove to Paris for a short trip.  Yes, we drove and it’s really weird to say, “Oh, we drove to Paris for the weekend.”  People had told us the French are rude to Americans but we didn’t notice a difference at all.  Maybe we are just use to the “gruff” Germans by now.  The way to do Paris from here is drive to Euro Disney, pay the 8 euro fee for parking and take the train into the city.  It took about five hours till we made it to the city but it was a lot less stressful than driving in the city itself.

We spent the first day walking everywhere – from the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre and back.  Our feet hurt so much by the end of the day because we didn’t realize how much walking we had done.  We figured we walked over 8 miles that day.  The next day was spent figuring out the subway system and our feet thanked us.

The very french hotel room:


The Eiffel Tower:


The Louvre:


The Arc de Triomphe:


Moulin Rouge:


On the last day we went to the catacombs.  We were literally one of the last people let in that day due to it closing so early.  Joe had no idea what the catacombs were but he says it was his favorite thing we saw.  I found the whole thing creepy and I wanted out immediately but we were stuck down there for 45 minutes.  


Notre Dame:


And the naked ladies tent outside of the Notre Dame:


My favorite about our trip to Paris?  Getting Joe to eat sushi!  He ate it without complaining once, not even when the bill came!


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