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Things we miss September 29, 2009

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Moving to Germany has been difficult at times.  It can be hard not to compare here to the States but sometimes it can’t be helped.  Some things we miss about the states:

* Buying EVERYTHING in dollars – the euro rate is .65 right now, which is the worst it’s been since we got here.  The only thing more annoying than the euro rate is the inability to use our credit cards.

* Target – recently a new BX/PX opened up on base and it is massive and yet, it still sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, it is much better than the old BX (base exchange) but it doesn’t hold a candle to Target.

* Food – any kind of food you can get in America you can’t get here.  A lot of the restaurants we have found are a lot of the same things – pizza, pasta, french fries, sausage and schnitzel.  I plan on loading up on delicious Mexican food when I go back next month.

* TV – yes, there is the Armed Forces Network but it still doesn’t give you all the shows you crave – like True Blood or Project Runway.  

* Grocery Stores – specifically grocery stores not on base that are inundated with people at all times.  It is so worth paying taxes on your groceries to not have to watch out for screaming kids and slow Germans taking up the whole aisle.

* Jobs – while the job market isn’t exactly hot in the states right now, the ability to find a decent job on post has been incredibly stressful.  I am thankful I have a job right now, even if it means working almost every single Saturday.

Knowing what we know now about Germany, I honestly believe we would have chosen differently.  Instead of being upset about it, we realize we have only 2.5 years left and we’re going to travel and enjoy ourselves as much as possible and pray the time flies by.


One Response to “Things we miss”

  1. Jean Keller Says:

    I’m not trying to rub this in your face, but True Blood was really good this last season!!

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