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The Autobahn September 15, 2009

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The thing people always want to hear about is the autobahn.  

Sign for the Autobahn:



The autobahn is basically like the interstate highway system in America but faster, and with less semi-trailer trucks.  The autobahn may be my most favorite thing Germany has to offer.  Germans are all about following the rules and they stay in the right lane, the slow ones don’t hang out in the left lane like many Americans do.  This can also be said about semi trucks, which are not allowed to go above either 80 or 100 kph depending on their weight.  

  When we first moved here I was very nervous about driving on the Autobahn because of the high speeds.  The biggest misconception I had about the Autobahn was the unlimited speed limits.  There are, infact, speed limits, with the most common one being 130 kph.  The only time speed limits are unlimited or “un-restricted” is when this sign appears:

No Speed Limit Sign

I have been driving in an un-restricted zone when a BMW drove by so fast my car shook violently.  Apparently, this man and Joe believe this sign to mean the same thing, drive your car as fast as it can possibly go.  The fastest the 4-Runner can go is 117 mph and the A4 tops out at 132 mph.  American Spec cars are governed to only go so fast, so we aren’t able to go any faster – Thank god!  

One last thing about the Autobahn – you will see these signs everywhere:


Ausfahrt means “exit” but I still giggled the first time I saw it.  And that is your quick guide to driving on the Autobahn.

Images courtesy of Google image finder 🙂


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