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The Office September 7, 2009

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When we moved in our biggest issue was size of the main floor and it’s layout.  WIth four large doors/windows, arranging furniture wasn’t going to be easy.  Our biggest issue was the big space to the right of the living area and in front of the kitchen.  If you remember our kitchen table could stand to be about ten feet longer.


The bare wall you see was the biggest challenge of all.  Joe and I disagreed about what we should do with it.  I tried to convince him we needed a sideboard but not just any sideboard, a nine foot long sideboard.  A nine foot long sideboard in Germany is going to run you about $3,000 or around 2,000 euros and up.  Once we found out the kitchen was being remodeled and there would be a lot more cabinet space, we decided to keep our money and come up with a different plan.  

Joe’s plan was to leave the space open and have Lucy’s bed and toys there.  The problem with Lucy was, she had to be near us at all times and that side bare wall was just too far for her to handle.  

In the end, we switched around an idea we had prior.  I had come across this photo in Domino months ago and thought it would be a great idea.  


Putting a desk behind the couch seemed to solve the problem of the random open space, except it never happened.  The people we ordered the desk from had messed up and given us the wrong legs.  So, the desk sat for almost a month until the legs came in.  The wait ended up being too long because during this time we purchased a treadmill and put it behind the couch for ample TV viewing.  Our solution for the desk?  We put it against the bare wall.  




We are both very happy we didn’t spend $3,000 on a piece of furniture we wouldn’t use and that the giant hole that was taunting us is no more.


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