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Venice September 3, 2009

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Joe and I were finally able to take our honeymoon once we arrived in Europe.  We took a short trip to Venice, stayed near San Marco square and ate more pizza and gelati than we thought was possible.  We went for four days but it could be done in three.  The fourth day was spent sitting around, waiting to catch the bus to the airport.  

The day we left we had to take a bus back to the airport.  Neither of us had paid attention to where the bus dropped us off when we got there, so when we left we frantically searched for the bus back.  I saw a bus that said “Treviso” on it and figured that was our bus.  We hoped on and after about 10 minutes we realized we were on the wrong bus!  I went up to the driver and he confirmed my suspicions.  Instead of taking a 15 minute bus ride, we took an hour bus ride to the bus station, where we got in a taxi.  I was nervous about taking the taxi and made sure we were following the signs to the airport.  Luckily we made it to the airport in time, boarded our flight and kissed Venice good bye.  





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