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Credit Cards August 31, 2009

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The best thing about America?  You can use your credit card to pay for that pack of gum you desperately need when you are without cash.  Germany works in a completely different way.  Everything is paid for in cash or wired directly to a bank account.  Imagine giving out your bank account info to a perfect stranger!  It may work in Germany, since crime is practically non-existent but to the Americans over here it’s a slight pain to schlepp your ass to the bank, fill out a weird form and pay the $2 just to send the cash to pay the insanely high gas bill (at least $3k per year for two people).

The other crazy part to this story?  The gas bills are estimated.  So they may charge you 178 euro a month but at the end of the year you may have used more than what they guessed and you get sent a big fat bill of 1,300 euro (around $2k).  And since you can’t pay with a credit card, you better have the money in your account.  While it is possible to receive a refund at the end of the year, I would prefer to just be charged what I am using for the month instead of having a company “guess” what they think we will use.   

Just another reason I prefer the American culture.


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