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Karlito’s Way August 27, 2009

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Today I wanted to show one of my favorite rooms and it isn’t one you will find in a magazine or another blog.  Instead, you will find it at Karl’s house, who happens to be my mom’s fiance.  Karl’s main basement room is a great place to have a drink, play some pool or watch the news to see if a tornado is about to hit (this happened when I was home).  Karl wanted to have a room with a theme and his theme is Hawaii.  When Karl was in the Army he and his family were stationed in Hawaii and Karl says it is absolutely one of his favorite places on earth.  Here is Karl’s room to remind him of paradise:





The lights above the pool table were made by Karl himself and the paint is meant to look like the ocean.  Bamboo can be seen on the floors, the lights and the walls.  Almost everything on the walls was found during his travels.  While most people might not want a theme room in their home, I think Karl manages to pull one off.


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