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Streetlights August 19, 2009

Filed under: Germany,People who suck — leanbean @ 8:05 pm

One of the things about living in Germany that stresses me out is the driving.  The roads are tiny, I never understand the street signs and people drive the speed limit ALL THE TIME.  Those Germans and following the rules to a T!  Besides these things that drive me nuts, there is a part of driving over here that baffles me and it is the streetlights.  


Notice how when stopped at the light you stop right at the light?  The light isn’t across the intersection.  Oh no!  It’s above you and to see it you have to lean forward and look up.  Not only that but it goes Green to Yellow to Red to Yellow to Green, like you’re driving on a race track.  Why they decided to have the streetlights before an intersection is beyond me.  Nothing like looking out of your sunroof to watch the light turn green, er I mean, yellow then green.


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