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Interlacken August 16, 2009

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The best part about living in Germany?  The traveling!  Traveling Europe is the reason we decided Germany would be the place for us to PSC instead of Pope AFB in North Carolina or all the others.  Last month we traveled to Interlacken Swizterland with some friends.  Interlacken was around a five hour drive and our friend Jake set up the accomodations.  What he failed to mention was he was using Google Translator to set them up with the German speaking swiss guy and instead of the 10 person cabin, 9 of us ended up in a 7 person cabin (max, it really fit a family a four comfortably).  Regardless of this error, Interlacken turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Interlacken is a town in the valley of mountains between two large lakes.  Many people travel there for the outdoors adventures it has to offer.  Everything from white water rafting to jumping off mountains to canyoning.  


*I saw a kid who looked no more than 4 years old do this.

Some of us went white water rafting but Joe and I went canyoning.  Canyoning consisted of walking down a freezing river in a wet suit and doing crazy jumps and slides to reach an end point.  I managed to bust my knee on the largest jump because I forgot to do a cannon ball.  I still think part of my knee cap is floating somewhere inside my leg.


I am hoping we make it back to Interlacken when some friends come to visit.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.


* View from the cabin


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