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Bedroom July 7, 2009

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Our bedroom is large, a 19′ by 12′ room with a pitched ceiling.  The pitched ceiling at its highest is 20′ and at its lowest one can bump their head.  Besides the odd shape of the room, there is a large closet opening with no door and only one window.




The biggest issue we are facing is making the room feel cozy.  The room is large, the ceilings high and the walls are all white.  It would be impossible for us to paint the room ourselves and our landlords paid to have it painted only a couple of months ago.  Buying the new rug has helped with making the room but it hasn’t fixed the problem.  The first thing I would like to do is hang the curtains to hide the gaping hole in the wall to the closet.  The dog cage has been moved into the third bedroom, also known as the ugly room.  The lamps pictured have been moved downstairs as they were just not tall enough to make an impact (only 22″ high).   The nightstands have also been changed to the Ikea Malm series.  A problem we ran into, yet again, was finding nightstands that were over 18″ tall.  For right now they stay but will more than likely be changed out by the end of the year.

Here is our current situation with the room:


1. Ella Bed – Room and Board

2. Malm Nightstand – Ikea

3. Linear Dresser – Room and Board

4. Mandala Platinum Rug – Madeline Weinrib purchased at Bungalow Classic in Atlanta

5. Stainless Steel Mirror – Room and Board

6. Delano Dresser – Room and Board

7. Thai Silk Banded Curtains – Restoration Hardware (Ours are from West Elm and a slightly different color)


1. I purchased some stools off of Ebay in hopes of reupholstering them in a graphic pattern.  When I came across an olive green faux ostrich fabric, I knew I had to have it.  These stools were the jumping off point for the rest of the room.

2. The Casablanca Lantern from Anthropologie would look gorgeous hanging from our ceiling.

3. I would add some throw pillows to the bed.  The Zebra Striped Pillow  is from Etsy (steampunkgirl213).  I will also need to find some solid olive pillows.

4. Elephant Print – Mecox Gardens.  I found an elephant print at an antique store in town, so it is different than the one pictured.  We have modern art downstairs, so I decided I wanted to do something a little different with our bedroom.

5. Joe is in the military.  ‘Nuff said. Olive Wool Drab Blanket – Army

6. Finding a lamp has been tourture.  We had 22″ lamps but they were much too short in the room.  These Bottle Lamps from Eurolighting are pretty cheap and 31″ tall!

Some plants will need to be added, along with a few accesories.  I found some cool horns at a place in Mannheim for 31 euros, so I will probably be adding those to the room.  I am really ready for our bedroom to be finished and not just a giant white box.


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