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Bedroom July 3, 2009

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All of the houses I have been in in Germany have hard floors – tile mostly, which meant waking up and setting your feet on the hard cold ground.  Our first order of business for the bedroom was finding a rug large enough.  One would think because flooring in Germany is hard, there would be a myriad of options for rugs.  Instead, we had many problems finding large rugs in Germany that were either 1. Large enough or 2. Affordable or 3. Not ugly.  I started to get frustrated until Joe had to go back to America to pick up a new plane in Atlanta.  While he was there he called and asked if I wanted him to bring anything back.  “A rug!” I yelled.  I immediately got on the phone with a store in Atlanta called Bungalow Classic and asked if they had any Madeline Weinrib rugs in stock and fortunately they did.  Joe came home with the 9′ by 12′ Mandala Platinum rug.



For days, I swooned over the difference the rug made in the room.  Next up, curtains to cover that hole to the closet!


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