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Couch Shopping July 1, 2009

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After the first couple days of jet-lag wore off, we decided to do some furniture shopping.  The only problem was, where do you go to buy furniture?  Finding furniture in America is easy because we know English.  Finding furniture in Germany, a little trickier.  The first thing we did was figure out the word for furniture in German, which is Moebel.  We googled this word and our town name and found several options, all located near each other.  A big problem we ran into was the sofas in Germany are very low to the ground.  Joe and I are both tall people, so the last thing we want to do is sit on the ground.  The other issue was price.  3,000 euros was just way too much for us to afford.  And some of the cheapest ones we were finding were at least $2,600.  Eventually we found a floor sample on sale we loved and in our price range.  



A couple of days after delivery our friend came over and said, “You obviously did not get that couch in America.”  Heh.  I guess the material is a little strange – it has a nubby texture.  We are both excited to have a piece of furniture we can say we bought in Germany.


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