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White box June 22, 2009

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Once I sat down in our new house, on the couch I hadn’t seen in over 6 months, I realized something – the ENTIRE house is white.  White walls, white tile in the bathroom, white kitchen, WHITE WHITE WHITE.  Some people love this look – Stylefiles, ThisYoungHouse – to name a few but when sitting in a house full of white my eyes start to hurt.  So Joe and I did something every interior design book tells you not to do.  We painted the walls without knowing what furniture/color scheme we would have.  Joe loves the color green, so we narrowed the paint down to two colors.


I do not know the names of the paint colors but they were purchased at Point of Color in Kaiserslautern.  The funny thing about painting in Germany is the walls are made of concrete and there are a lot of tiny craters that are hard to fill with paint.  After realizing how much harder it is to paint the concrete, we went with the lighter color since we will be returning the walls to white per our lease agreement.  

Here is the before:



And the after:



I had a little mishap:



Once the green was up, I will admit I didn’t love it.  We have a lot of light coming into the house and it made the paint appear much lighter than I was anticipating.  We had painted the testers near a dark area of a room, which didn’t give us the right impression.  After time, I have grown to like it and am happy to not be constantly staring at white.  The biggest challenge of this project was finding a place to buy paint.  We had not been in the country long and asked a furniture store where we could buy paint and they sent us to Point of Color.  Our friends bought paint from a place sort of like a Home Depot and their walls look tye-dyed after several coats.  I would highly recommend Point of Color for paint in the Kaiserslautern area, even if it is a little pricey.

P.S. The pole on the left in the last picture has since been painted green.


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