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Dining Room June 18, 2009

Filed under: Decorating,Germany — leanbean @ 8:53 am

After the red chair fiasco, there was another piece of furniture that didn’t quite work – the dining room table.  The Bradshaw table from Room and Board is modeled after Carrie’s coffee table from Sex and the City.  I had seen it in the store and loved it, so when I saw it at the Outlet, I immediately snatched it up despite the light colored wood.  I prefer walnut and dark woods but I love the table so much that I didn’t care.  The table has a 45 inch diameter and comfortably seats 4 maybe 5 people.  Our dining room could comfortably fit a 20 person table.  Again, whoops!  The table is not nearly the right scale for the room.  




Due to a little interesting quirk of German housing (no closets!), we will not be replacing my beloved Bradshaw.  I figure, if I love something but it doesn’t work, who cares?  I’m the one living with it.


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