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The red chair situation June 17, 2009

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One weekend almost a year ago, a trip to Room and Board Outlet ensued.  Joe was off at survival training and I had found many pieces of furniture I “just have to have”.  So without any approval from future hubby I spent way too much money on furniture I wasn’t even sure would fit into wherever we were going to live in Germany.  The other catch?  I wasn’t going to see the furniture for another 8 months since it would be going into storage by military.  Once Joe heard of my shopping spree, he was none too pleased but the stuff was non-refundable and he was going to have to deal with it.  

The day I arrived in Germany our new furniture had been delivered to the house and set up by my husband that morning.  The thrill of walking into a new house with new furniture is a great feeling, that is, until you realize it’s not enough furniture and some of the pieces don’t really go as you hoped.  

Take the couch and chair I bought:



Red and greige together?  Yikes!  Once I saw the red chair I thought “Whoops!  Bad idea!”  Not to mention that a couch and chair was not nearly enough furniture in the living room.  The thought of re-upholstering the chair crossed my mind but to do that would cost about as much as the chair did itself.  We thought about putting it in our bedroom, but again it didn’t go.  My biggest advice – don’t buy furniture without thinking it through.


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