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Birkenstocks February 27, 2009

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Does your boyfriend/husband have a possession that drives you absolutely crazy that he refuses to get rid of?  Perhaps it’s an old recliner inherited from his grandfather.  Or Star Wars action figures still in the box.  Or a baby blanket, god forbid.  My husband’s possession is the dreaded Birkenstock sandals.  He has owned these babies since HIGH SCHOOL.    They have rips, tears and the tread is almost gone.  I have often tried to get him new ones but he doesn’t know his size, won’t try them on and is convinced they are suppose to be dark on the footbed.  Whenever he puts them on I cringe and ask him if he’s sure he wants to wear them.  They are so ugly, so smelly that it’s embarrassing for him to wear them in public, yet he refuses to get rid of them.  It is going to take some serious scheming on my part to make them go where they belong – in the trash.





Broken heart

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There goes that dream…




30 days February 23, 2009

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T-minus 30 days till we are officially in Germany!  Not particularly nervous, more like excited.  Joe and I are getting ready for the big move by making lists of things we still have to do and things we would like to do once we get there.  Rome here we come!  I am also making a wish list of things I would like to buy, like a Danish sideboard, italian linens and an Audi.  Last night we were looking up what kind of housing is available but there were not a lot of images.



I can’t wait to see if the houses really do all look as if they belong in Whoville.


Dwayne Johnson aka THE ROCK February 5, 2009

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For the last fourteen years I have had a cyst-like growth in my leg.  And for fourteen years I shaved around it and pretended it was nothing.  When new boyfriends would touch my legs I would jump up, hoping they didn’t notice the nub.  Pedicures put me on edge when the massage part was about to take place.  I was ashamed of the nub but not ashamed enough to have it taken out.   Three appointments were made over the past few years but always cancelled – until today.  Today I faced my fear and went to the doctor to have the nub removed.  The doctor prepped me what was going to happen and what they would do with it once it was out – send it to the lab and have it tested to make sure it wasn’t cancerous.  I chuckled, mostly because if I had cancer and it was in my leg for fourteen years, wouldn’t I have dropped dead by now?   I sat on the chair, covering my eyes and shaking like a leaf.  

“My fifteen blade is going to go dull.  I can’t cut through it and it’s pretty big.  I think it’s a rock.  Do you know how you got a rock in your leg?”


JUST TAKE IT OUT! is what I wanted to scream.  

Sure enough, it was a rock and I got to keep it.  

I think some of it is my flesh.  Pretty gross, right?



Poo Bear

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Happy Birthday my little Poo Bear!  It feels like only yesterday when you would run around outside wearing nothing but a see through plastic bag while it was raining.  Or the time you ties your retractable armed hulk doll to your “pump handle”.  Or the time we convinced you we had a brother Peter who was sent away for bad behavior.  I love you little brother, even if sometimes you act like an idiot.