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#6-#10 January 29, 2009

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The honorable mentions for top photos from the wedding.

#10-The grandparents.  My grandpa has dementia and forgot I was getting married (he’s so cute).  My grandma (second from the left) was in the hospital up until my wedding.  She was determined to come to my wedding and wouldn’t let a little fluid around her heart stop her.  Joe’s great grandma (the first from the right) is 99 and still lives by herself and drives.  Joe and I considered having a destination wedding but I knew our grandparents would not have been able to attend if we had one.  Because of them we had an Iowa wedding.  I am so grateful for this picture.


#9-The dress.  S. & R. helping with the dress.  Honestly, I just think the dress looks cool.


#8- Mariachi.  The mariachi band was a huge hit.  So were the Coronas.  They were gone by the time we got back.


#7-Iowa River Power Company.  This number gets three pictures.  Going to the Iowa River Power Company was a great idea for pictures after the wedding for the wedding party.  We all look relaxed and as if we are having a good time.  




#6- Licking his fingers.  Joe licking his fingers after feeding me cake.  The picture sums him up so well.



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