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Top five pictures January 26, 2009

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Here are the top five pictures taken for our wedding (in my opinion)

#5 – My veil.  People were constantly asking about my veil (and dress).  They just had to know where I got my veil.  It came from Emily Rohm on Etsy.  Highly recommended but tell her a your wedding is weeks before it actually is since it took a long time to receive.


#4 – The look of love.  I never did get that flower on him.  Roomie had to do it.


#3- Dancing Queens.  Joe’s mom and the aunts getting down and dirty at the reception.  Our DJ was amazing, absolutely amazing.  I will never forget my cousin looking at his wife (he’s 32, married with two kids) and going “Trish, you just gotta jump around” and then scurrying off to the dance floor to “jump around”.  It was great to hear how everyone was having the best time they have ever had at a wedding.  I wouldn’t believe it if just one person told us, instead EVERYONE told us this.  I mean I got a good twenty emails saying they had a great time.  I have no idea why they had such a good time but the dance floor was always overflowing.


#2-The first kiss and the second.  I kissed him twice, which made everyone crack up.  It was just a natural reaction.  


#1-Airplanes.  It was freezing but oh so worth it.



And if you read my previous post about being unhappy with my photos…I have no idea what was I was talking about.


2 Responses to “Top five pictures”

  1. Jenna Says:

    The airplane and the veil. Sigh. So beautiful.

  2. Z Says:

    Just lovely!

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